About Michel Sogny


Pianist, composer and Doctor of philosophy, of hungarian origin, Michel Sogny developed a new approach to teaching the piano.

His praised method has enabled many students of all ages to enjoy practicing this instrument, as piano playing is generally considered to be unattainable if not taught during childhood.

He established his own school in 1974, which became a much appreciated place of many renowned artists as: Isabelle Aubret, Annie Cordy, Marie-Paule Belle, Alice Dona, Pierre Douglas, Françoise Hardy, Jeane Manson, Henri Salvador, William Sheller, Sylvie Joly, Sempé.


Minister of Foreign Affairs dedicated to SOGNY a documentary film by France Panorama which was broadcasted all over the world.

His innovative and creative method has been acclaimed by international media and by eminent personalities in classical music such as: Martha Argerich, Paul Badura-Skoda, Aldo Ciccolini, France Clidat, Gyorgy Cziffra, Cyprien Katsaris, Alexis Weissenberg.

In 1986, in New York Michel Sogny was awarded by United Nations with medal for peace as well in 1994 he received,in Paris, a diploma of honor from UNESCO.

Many of his literary and musical works have been published by prestigious French publishing companies.

Michel Sogny is the author of many literally and musical compositions, especially at "Editions MusicalesDurand”.

His last literary works "L’adulte Prodige, le rêve au bout des doigts” and "De Dostoevsky à VictorHugo (philosophical discussions with Alexis Philonenko) were published by Editions France-Empire.

As well as his last musical works were published by "Editions MusicalesArtchipel”

Michel SOGNY is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in Switzerland.


He founded several years ago Foundation SOS Talents to support gifted young pianists, and up to this date devotes his efforts to developing their talent throughout his method.

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